PLAN*B at the Helsinki Conference
Date: 1 Sept 2005 - From: Aura Seikkula

PLAN*B has been invited to the Helsinki Conference 2005, 7-9.9.2005 on the issues of globalization and democracy. PLAN*B is approaching the themes of Helsinki Conference from the point of view of the Marginalized Voices together with the Citizens’ Global Platformin (CGP). By the Marginalized Voices we want to give considerations to cultural, ethical and spiritual values, groups of people and nature that are not adequately taken into account in processes of governance.



PLAN*B report for the Parliament
Date: 21 April 2005 - From: Aura Seikkula

PLAN*B FOR ARKADIANMÄKI project results have been compiled to a report which will be handed over to representatives of Finnish political parties at the Finnish Parliament house on Thursday 21st of April at 15:30 pm!
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Plan*B photos!
Date: 18 Feb 2005 - From: Juha Huuskonen / Plan*B

Photos of Plan*B project have been added to the image gallery



Plan*B Referendums have closed!
Date: 7 Feb 2005 - From: Juha Huuskonen / Plan*B

All Plan*B Referendums have closed - thanks for all the votes and comments to all the 873 voters! We will gather the results to a document which will be handed to the Finnish Parliament during this spring. The Yes Men will visit Helsinki later this spring so stand by for some more Plan*B action...



First Referendums have closed!
Date: 2 Feb 2005 - From: Juha Huuskonen / Plan*B

The topic chosen in the Public Referendum is Should all countries in the world join the Kyoto agreement? Other Plan*B Referendums are closing later this week - go and give your vote now!



Democratic Art Manifesto project
Date: 18 Jan 2005 - From: mkk

"In post-modernistic times a manifesto hardly seems to get any attention or have any impact. Due to that it will be outnumbered in the huge swarm of opinions and statements, which overflow the art-debate. Democratic Art Manifesto project attempts to see how contemporary art will take on the chance to form a manifesto in a democratic way.

The first step is collecting "statements" about art, via a website statements can be deliverd for the democratic art-manifesto The statements can be submitted untill the 1st of May, and must be related to art. After May the first, people can vote for the statements wich they think must be added to the manifesto."

So please add, and later vote via:



Plan*B international guests
Date: 16 Jan 2005 - From: Juha Huuskonen / Plan*B

We are looking forward to the visits of the international Plan*b guests: Alexander Rose, the executive director of The Long Now Foundation, will come to Helsinki to give a presentation about the foundation and its projects on Thursday 27th of January. Also, two representatives of The Utopian World Championship together with Per Norbäck from Demoex will join the Plan*B discussions on Friday 4th-Sunday 6th February. Detailed program of Plan*B events will soon be available, meanwhile you can check more information about the projects at Project Gallery.



KLARTEXT! conference in Berlin, 14-16 Jan 2005
Date: 14 Jan 2005 - From: Aura / Plan*B

The aim of the conference KLARTEXT! is to explore the current use of the category Political as applied to contemporary art and culture. The project brings together in Berlin international artists, activists, curators, workers in the cultural sector and theoreticians to discuss the relationship between art and politics, and provides a platform and context for the exchange of thoughts, strategies and approaches. and The Yes Men have chosen their Referendum topics!
Date: 14 Jan 2005 - From: Juha Huuskonen / Plan*B

The question from The Yes Men is: Should the "coalition of the willing" withdraw military forces from Iraq? asks: Why is media not an objective information carrier? Everyone can answer these questions soon, the PLAN*B voting time starts on 24th of January!