The making of PLAN*B

1. PLAN*B video screen opposite to the Parliament House
(high resolution image)

2. Setting up the Alternative Parliament House

3. Aura in national tv news!

4. PLAN*B voting booth

5. PLAN*B propaganda!

6. Alexander Rose, executive director of the Long Now Foundation

7. Jon Brunberg from Utopian World Championship

8. 'Utopias of democracy / Brand New Worlds' discussion

9. PLAN*B screen and the statue of President Mannerheim

Photos 1-5: Juha Huuskonen
Photos 6-9: Antti Ahonen



Parliament Under Construction

Media artist Kristian Simolin organised Parliament Under Construction workshop at Turku Arts Academy in Spring 2004. PLAN*B presents three works created in this workshop:

1. Author: Jenny Rinta-Kanto

(high resolution image)

2. Author: Heikki Sillanpää

(high resolution image)

3. Author: Satu-Maria Jokinen

(high resolution image)