PLAN*B reviews the issues of the Helsinki Process in co-operation with the Citizen's Global Platform (CGP) that has developed a channel for public debate on globalisation. CGP is paying special attention in its work to silent voices - those undermined by the present narrow economic agenda. These marginalized voices can be defined as the cultural and ethical values, minority groups and nature that are not taken into account in the processes of governance and globalisation.

PLAN*B is approaching the themes of Helsinki Conference from the point of view of the marginalized voices. We are experimenting the possibilities of these voices to be heard in the Helsinki Process itself as well as in the larger and deeper processes of globalisation. Our means are the voices and sounds themselves. And because of their marginalized position we feel that there is a need for a thorough cross-over in the search for the equality.





07. - 09.09.2005
Screening at the Finlandia Hall
A visual collage made of collected video material from different Finnish NGOs: Finnish UN Association, Siemenpuu Foundation and Service Centre for Development Cooperation – KEPA and of documentaries by Timo Harakka and Naeem Mohaiemen.

Press Conference of the Citizen's Global Platform
Marginalized Voices are represented through a sound installation. Representatives from CGP networks in Finland, Tanzania, Brazil and India will be present.

Connecting for Change- Helsinki 2005 Party at the Makasiinit
Video and sound installation on marginalized voices. The Plan*B performance group will give 1 minute speeches on the conference themes.

Multilingual presentation by:
Aura Seikkula – Finnish
Mikko Laajola – Finnish
Liz Fahey – English
Li Xin – Chinese
Brenda Castro – Spanish
Naeem Mohaiemen - Bengali
Sven Noben – signed language

Working group:
Aura Seikkula, Mikko Laajola, Samuli Waegelein, Jenni Valorinta

Thank you:
Sari Varpama, Juha Huuskonen, Ville Hyvönen, Zeenath Hasan, Aleksi Aaltonen