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The Public Referendum (Poll ended 02 Feb 2005, 19:00)



Propose a topic for a PLAN*B Referendum!
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Should everyone have a right to create a sovereign microstate? (Poll ended 02 Feb 2005, 19:00)



Shouldn't we have the absolute right to select the political society in which we want to live and to depend only upon it?
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Should the "coalition of the willing" withdraw military forces from Iraq? (Poll ended 02 Feb 2005, 19:00)



A few years ago, a big country called the United States and some other smaller countries invaded the country of Iraq. Now, Iraq's a wreck, and there are lots of bullets and bombs and beheadings all the time. What should they do next?
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The relationship between man and the computer in future? (Poll ended 04 Feb 2005, 19:00)



The development of AI - Artificial Intelligence - goes forward. Twenty years from now will the computer be smarter than man, according to scientists. This will probably change our relationship, but how?
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How can we best instill long term thinking in the democratic political process? (Poll ended 04 Feb 2005, 19:00)



The process of holding regular elections is by definition time limited. This can cause the problem of short sightedness as there is no benefit to making changes past an elected officials term. Conversely lengthening terms too much can cause even more stagnation and cronyism.
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What is a good form of government? (Poll ended 05 Feb 2005, 19:00)



Human history has produced various different forms of government and some of them function a little better than others.
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Impressions of good life - how do they affect your life? (Poll ended 05 Feb 2005, 19:00)



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Why is the media not an objective information carrier? (Poll ended 07 Feb 2005, 19:00)



Why do we allow media to have too much influence and create false impressions of the society? Why is nobody complaining about this?
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Should all countries in the world join the Kyoto agreement? (Poll ended 07 Feb 2005, 19:00)



This voting topic was chosen in the Public Referendum!
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