2000.katastro.fi - Amorph03 - homokaasu.org - The Yes Men
Long Now Foundation - Utopian World Championship - Kaulbach Society


Welcome to the Project Gallery! The creators of these projects have chosen the topics for PLAN*B Referendums.



1. 2000.katastro.fi
Thoughts of Finnish people from the last weeks of the previous millenium.

2. Amorph!03
The Amorph Festival in 2003 gathered together the official representatives of Micronations for the very first time.

3. Homokaasu
Kill Everyone Project and other projects craving for participation.

4. The Yes Men
A group of activists who have corrected the identities of many multi-national organisations, including the World Trade Organisation.

5. The Long Now Foundation
The Long Now Foundation aims to creatively foster and strengthen responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years.

6. Utopian World Championship
The worldwide competition in visionary thinking presents Per Norbäck from the Swedish democracy experiment Demoex.

7. Kaulbach Society
Kaulbach Society operates by tormenting the leaders in power and supporting the grassroot movements.