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The Yes Men

The Yes Men have performed with false identities at conferences, on the web, and on television. In various situations they have represented multinational corporations and organizations, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO). As the WTO representatives they have claimed controversial views of the future, e.g. complimented Hitler's ideas of the free-market and proposed that there ought to be a market in human rights abuses.

The aim of these presentations has been to explore the limits of WTO's credibility. The Yes Men have tried to come up with such radical and controversial statements that someone in the audience would start to oppose or realise that they are fake. The result of these experiments is alarming - so far The Yes Men have always been accepted as official WTO representatives.

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Dare to question the facts!

The projects of The Yes Men show that people do not question information given by the authorities. Are newspapers the modern Bible, is everything you see in the news true and factual? Alternative media sources may broaden your view on the world:

>> www.indymedia.org
Independent grass-roots reporting from around the world.

>> www.wikipedia.org
Wikipedia is a collectively created encyclopedia. Contribute and question the proposed facts!