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The Amorph!03 performance art biennale hosted the first »Summit of Micronations«, where the kings, presidents and representatives of "self made" countries met each other for the first time. Micronations possess state symbols such as passports and flags. They have also proclaimed constitutions, established their own laws and monetary systems. Each micronation differs strongly of the requirements of Statehood: population, territory, government, legality, independence, sovereignty and the capacity to enter into relations with other states.

The concept of a 'self made' nation provokes us to consider the societal and democratic conflicts of our time. Micronations demonstrate the mechanisms of nation-building and the functioning of national histories. The real-life examples such as Ladonia prove that micronation-projects can lead into an intervention within the political arena which the state might regard as problematic.

The Swedish public authorities are demanding the founder of the Ladonia Lars Vilks to tear down the massive wood and stone constructions that form the micronation on an abandoned beach. This battle is continuously being fought on different levels of the bureaucratic system. Lars Vilks has, for instance, saved one of the constructions by registering it as a book and by giving every stone a 'page number'.

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Are you dissatisfied with the present states? Create your own now!

Creating a nation-state is educational and a lot of fun! It might take a while before your state will be legally formalized in the eyes of the international authorities, but it should not prevent you from creating your own legislation and recruiting citizens. Check out the excellent examples on Amorph!03 website!

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