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Kaulbach Society

The Kaulbach Society was founded in the lighthouse of the Kaulbach Island
on 14th of January, 1875. The founding members were Dr Margareta von Olivers and extreme anarchist Inessa Grigorjevna.

Margareta von Olivers was a thinker ahead of her time, nowadays she would be called an equality activist. In the early 20th century, her daughter Rosa Luxemburg co-founded the Spartacist League, a Marxist revolutionary group, and became a celebrated leader of the league.

Inessa Grigorjevna was one of the most visible members of the Russian Nihilist movement at the end of the 19th century. But contrary to the nihilists, she didn't support the plans to murder Tsar Alexander II.

Margareta and Inessa met in Berlin 1873. The labourers of the Berlin based leather factory 'Lederhosen' were on strike in the hope of better labour conditions. The owner of the factory did not accept labourers' demands but attacked them with fireweapons. Margaret was nursing the injured strikers and
supported their claims that the factory should stop using fatal toxic substances. Margaret met Inessa amongst the strikers. After the massacre, Margaret and Inessa were accused in participating in planning the revolt. They fled in the fear of a cruel imprisonment to the peaceful Kaulbach Island in Nova Scotia.

Margareta and Inessa shared views of violence being a weapon only for the mentally impotent.

Ideologies of the Kaulbach Society

- Violence is not a way to govern
- Lust for power leads to disasters
- Change starts from small deeds
- Family embodies more than relatives
- Responsibility over fellow men and nature is the only acceptable form of
- Helping the weaker is the most import guideline of all

Kaulbach Society today

Only two members belong to the Kaulbach Society at a time. The members select successors for themselves and the membership cannot be inherit through a family connection. At the moment the society is in its third generation. The members of the society have to change their names to Margareta von Olivers and Inessa Grigorjevna.

The activities of the society are constantly being developed to match the current world political situation. Generally the society functions by tormenting the leaders in power and catalyzing grassroot movements.

The current activities of the society are manifested in following ways:

- Ecological way of life
- Small deeds and Big thoughts
- Incisive columns in widely-read news papers
- Youth work especially amongst media (criticism) education
- Extension of art over the boarders of elitism
- Using money and technology as means rather than goals of life
- Appraising thought: Brains are for more than just counting money

Slogans of the Kaulbach Society

Globalization = a double-edged sword
American car roams with Arabic blood!
Cogito - ergo sum irritans (I think, therefore I irritate)
Stop shop!
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