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The Utopian World Championship

The Utopian World Championship is an open worldwide competition in visionary thinking. The competition has been running since 2001 and the current second championship is now in its final phase. The winner of the competition, who will receive 1000 Euro, will be announced at the Utopian W.C. Gala in March 2005. On the project's website www.soc.nu/utopian you can read all the competing entries, get detailed information about the competition and discuss with fellow utopians.

SOC.Stockholm (the artist organisation behind The Utopian W.C.) decided to invite one of the competitors in the 2004 championship to make a question for the PLAN*B Referendum. The invited competitor is Per Norbäck, a 35-year-old teacher who has put direct democracy through the internet in practise in his home town Vallentuna, located north of Stockholm. After an intensive discussion about democracy he and his students decided to start a non-partisan political party that would make all their decisions with the help of a specially developed e-democracy solution for the internet. They called this party Demoex that stands for "Democracy Experiment". The Demoex internet system is open for all the inhabitants in the city of Vallentuna to join. Amazingly enough, Demoex took one seat in the local community council of Vallentuna in the elections of 2002.

You can read Per Norbäck's extraordinary story how it all happened on the Utopian W.C. website www.soc.nu/utopian. The Demoex website can be found at www.demoex.net (only in Swedish).