PLAN*B aims to challenge the conventional patterns of representative democracy. The project collaborates with grassroots initiatives and aims to create dialogue between artists, activists, political influencers and NGOs. PLAN*B has so far realised two projects:

24 Jan - 6 Feb 2005, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
PLAN*B FOR ARKADIANMĂ„KI was an alternative Parliament house which offered opportunities for the citizens to voice their opinion and govern. The project organised a series of seven online referendums. The local audience in Helsinki was able to follow the progress of the referendums in real-time from a large-scale outdoor video screen located opposite to the Parliament House. The referendum topics were chosen by grassroot initiatives which challenge the conventional patterns of representative democracy. During the voting period, several discussions and other public events took place at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. The final results of the PLAN*B referendums were submitted to the Finnish Parliament.

Marginalized Voices
7-9 September 2005
Crisis Management Initiative of President Martti Ahtisaari has invited PLAN*B to realise parallel programme to the Helsinki Conference on globalisation. PLAN*B is approaching the themes of the conference from the point of view of the marginalized voices. We are experimenting the possibilities of these voices to be heard in the Helsinki Process itself as well as in the larger and deeper processes of globalisation. Our means are the voices and sounds themselves. And because of their marginalized position we feel that there is a need for a thorough cross-over in the search for the equality.

Contact information

PLAN*B is developed further by Aura Seikkula, Juha Huuskonen ja Mikko Laajola. You can reach as via info (at)